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FREE Thanksgiving Download…

Here’s a little gift from my (publisher’s) house to yours… Please enjoy this free excerpt from Season of Forgiveness. Click here for Emma’s Thanksgiving May you be blessed and surrounded by love this holiday season. Templa

Season of Forgiveness – Blog Tour This Week

Just to let you all know…. This week, my book, Season of Forgiveness is featured on these review sites. I know they’d love to have you drop by and read their reviews… And, if you feel like it, maybe leave a comment or two. I’m very happy to be a part of the Cladach Publishing …read more

The History of Communication as I See It… Part 1: The Telephone

My first grand babies entered the world a few weeks ago, in a hospital hundreds of miles away from this grandmother. And, within minutes of their arrival I had pictures of their sweet little faces on my smart phone via a text from my son.  A few hours later, friends and family – and a …read more

Multitasking Moms (and Dads)

“Working mothers” have existed since the day Eve started this whole shindig. It’s impossible to have children – especially babies – without an exponential increase in the daily work load. And regardless of how sophisticated our society has become, much of the increased work load falls on the moms. With a few notable exceptions, the …read more

Fermented Foods in the Old West

  Fermented Foods in the Old West The health benefits of fermented foods are being touted everywhere these days. And, yes. I’m on the fermented foods bandwagon, too. As I write this, I have a glass of home-brewed kombucha sitting next to me. (What’s kombucha, you ask? Kombucha is an “ancient fermented tea beverage” that has a …read more

Please Pass the Paraffin… or Not!

As my husband and I chatted over his Father’s Day breakfast, he shared happy childhood memories of long-ago breakfasts with his grandmothers and of the meals of wild game and home grown vegetables his grandfather had provided. Food – and the preparation of food, is an integral part of our lives, our memories, and the …read more

Mutton, Mutton, Whose Got the Mutton?

I’m a history geek. I admit it. I just can’t seem to help myself. So when my husband and I stumbled upon a museum that had recreated an entire town, we couldn’t resist. Actually, I couldn’t resist – and my husband is a really patient man. Museum of the Mountain West, outside of Montrose, Colorado …read more

Oh Happy Day – Or Blue Monday?

When I was a little girl, we had a full set of embroidered tea towels. This was B.D. (Before Dishwashers.) And we had chores – which included washing the dishes after dinner. Since my sister was four years older and had significantly superior fine motor skills, she washed. I dried. According to my mother’s tea …read more